Saturday, January 15, 2005

More on the UN Special Session on The Holocaust

In this post I mentioned that the members of the Generally Inept Assembly of the UN were being queried by Kofi Anan as to supporting a Special Session in memory of The Holocaust. I wondered how many nations made up the "majority" who supported such a special session, a 96 member simple majority of the 191 member Generally Waste-of-our-money Assembly or more. This report says that I was shortchanging the Generally Moronic Assembly, but not by much. It claims that 111 of the 191 nations have expressed support for the commemoration, and specifically lists Pakistan, Bangladesh, Oman and Morocco as having voiced support. However, the article appears on the 14th of January and says that the final day to come forward in support of the special session is "Thursday", which I take to mean the following day. The report quotes Dan Gillerman, the Israeli ambassador, as saying that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan had still not responded.

Furthermore, the story quotes Gillerman as thanking The United States, Russia, the European Union, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for making the original request. I wonder if Israel would have liked to have made this request. I'm sure that she would have. I am also sure that if she had done so, the response would have been less than tepid, don't you think? That really sucks but I guess it is reality.

Another thing I noted in ambassador Gillerman's statement of thanks. I did not realize that the European Union had a seat in the Generally For-idiots Assembly. I see a train coming. That train that I see is the cloaking of individual European nations' anti-Semitism in the "European Union's" response to various issues down the line. In one way, that's OK., I guess. It means hurt feelings will be spared and the right thing may get done. In another way, however, it's not so good. What happens when an ugly poisonous monster (see Holocaust) grows too big to be successfully cloaked?

Stay tuned.

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