Monday, August 01, 2005

A pest in the street full of men.

That's what Mark Steyn calls terrorism, quoting Conrad's "The Secret Agent". And he says that Tony Blair has a much more difficult job than President Bush. After 9/11, Bush had to rethink 40 years of American policy towards the Middle East.
The Prime Minister has a more difficult task: he has to rethink 40 years of British policy in Leicester and Bradford and Leeds and Birmingham.
And Steyn says he has been paralyzed, that in 20 years time it is for this that he will be judged.

Steyn lists the terrorists' enablers; the imams, lobby groups, media, bishops and politicians who make a terrorist bomber feel, well, welcome.
In 2001, after a Dutch crackdown on benefit fraud, 10,000 Somalis moved from Holland to one East Midlands town - Leicester. Why wouldn't a Somali jihadist fancy his chances in such a country?
This is a serious piece and, while it is aimed at the British, we would do well to pay some attention, also.

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