Monday, August 01, 2005

Robert Novak Speaks!

Writing in Town Hall, Robert Novak, the guy everyone is waiting to hear from regarding the Valerie Plame game, finally speaks out...sort of. He challenges the assertions made by former CIA spokesman Bill Harlow's as quoted in a Washington Post report last week. Harlow said that Novak asked him if Joseph Wilson's wife had authorized the mission and Harlow denied it. Novak says he asked no such thing. Novak says he asked Harlow if Wilson's wife suggested sending her husband on the mission and this was what Harlow denied. The unanimous Senate Intelligence Committee states that she did, indeed, suggest her husband for the trip.

Novak also addresses Harlow's statement to the WaPo reporters that he told Novak not to release her name because it would be dangerous to her. Novak says no way Harlow told him this. Novak says Harlow told him the release of her name would create "difficulties." Novak says that once it became public that Wilson's wife suggested him for the trip, one only need look up Wilson's name in "Who's Who in America" to find his wife's name. Then Novak slaps Joseph Wilson:
Joseph Wilson was discarded a year ago by the Kerry presidential campaign after the Senate committee reported much of what he said "had no basis in fact." The re-emerged Wilson is now accusing the senators of "smearing" him.
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