Monday, August 01, 2005

Zetas invade the United States

The Washington Times tells us that the Zetas, a former elite Mexican Army anti-drug undercover commando unit which deserted the army en masse to join the drug traffickers, is now operating in the US. The Zetas are here to protect the 10 million dollar a day drug import routes "at any cost". They are offering a $50,000 bounty on any US law enforcement official assassinated. Right now they are suspected in 3 Dallas area murders and the serious wounding of 2 Border Patrol Agents in Arizona in a very professional ambush.

I would think that this is not a smart move. If they get too dangerous, we could answer with our own Special Forces or Ranger personnel. We could militarize the border and I would think that the Zetas have no good understanding what real professional killers are like. Many of the Zetas were trained in the US before they deserted, but they were trained in drug raids and drug interdiction, not combat operations.

Eventually the US government is going to have to tell Mexican President Vicente Fox that enough is enough and we are sending some serious people in to stop it. Some very serious people.

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