Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bianca Jagger gets hers

Bianca Jagger gets some of what she deserves from suicide bomb survivor Jack Baxter during a dinner for 6 at a home in LA.
Baxter (later, to reporters): "I used to be a part-time bouncer at Studio 54 and I remember her from those days. This chick used to flash anyone who cared to look and now she's trying to pass herself off as some kind of pseudo-activist? C'mon!"
Bianca: "Americans are knuckle-dragging barbarians. I despise this country. I would never be an American citizen. The United States should leave Iraq immediately. Saddam Hussein was better for Iraq."
Baxter: "Well, what about Saddam giving the families of suicide bombers $25,000 as reward for killing people?"
Bianca: "So what? "American soldiers are raping and killing women and children around the globe."
Baxter: "F*** you!!! Cindy (his dinner companion, Cindy Lou Adkins), let's get out of here."
Baxter returns to Bianca's face before leaving: "Bianca, you know what? You're talking this anti-American horsesh*** here while we got guys dying in Iraq -- F*** you! F*** all of you!"
Well spoken.

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