Thursday, September 01, 2005

Haley Barbour eats Miles O'brien

Miles O'Brien, host of CNN's American Morning, shows his ignorance of facts as well as his unfamiliarity with how tough and determined is Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. Interviewing Gov. Barbour on his AM show, O'Brien first insisted that Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 hurricane when it hit Florida and tried to get Barbour to blame the federal government (read Bush) for not responding when it had "a matter of days" to do so. Barbour corrected the mistaken CNN host.
"No, it was a category 1 - it was a category 1 storm when it hit Florida. It was a category 5 storm a few hours before it came ashore."
But O'Brien refused to be corrected and insisted that Katrina had been a category 5 storm for several days.
"No, no, Governor Barbour... Governor Barbour, surely there was enough knowledge in advance that this was a huge killer storm a matter of days, not hours, before it ever struck landfall. And it seems to me the military ..."
Barbour had to get nasty to get O'Brien to shut up.
Barbour: Now, Miles, if this is an interview or an argument, I don't care. But if you want to let me tell you what I think, I will.

O'Brien: OK, go ahead.

Barbour: And what I think is this storm strengthened in the Gulf. We begged the people to leave, and thousands of people left. Thousands of people left New Orleans. The federal government came in here from the first minute - in fact, in advance. They have been tremendously helpful, whether it's the Coast Guard, the Corps of Engineers, FEMA.

O'Brien: But ...

Barbour: I don't think it's at all fair ...

O'Brien: But ...

Barbour: ... and I'm not going to agree to that, because I don't believe it's true.
NewsMax has the whole interview transcript. Read it and applaud Gov. Barbour while you shake your head sadly over the MSM's neverending attempts to blame George Bush for everything, everywhere, all the time.

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