Thursday, October 27, 2005

Am I moot, yet?

Howard Kurtz writes a Zen column for the WaPo today. Kurtz says,
The problem for a blogger who's even going to mention the name Scooter or Karl is that whatever you write could be moot within minutes.
OK, I'm game. Scooter Libby and Karl Rove.

Am I moot, yet?. Have I already been mooted? Am I about to be mooted out? Are Karl and Scooter moot, yet? Wasn't that a Cajun song that was popular some time back? "Don't mess With My Moot Moot". I think the words went something like this (apologies to Buckwheat Zydeco):
Don't mess with my Moot Moot.
Don't mess with my Moot Moot.
Now you can have the other woman.
But don't mess with my Moot Moot.

Now she was born in her birth suit.
The doctor slap her behind.
He sayed you're gonna be special,
You sweet little Moot Moot.

Now you can look as much
But if you so much as touch
You're gonna have a case.
I'm gonna break your face.
Anyway, Kurtz continues with a link to his own report on the turnover at CBS News, and it doesn't sound promising. Andrew Heyward, the guy who let Dan Rather and Mary Mapes run amok and make CBS News the laughing stock of TV news, has been replaced by Sean McManus, the president of CBS Sports. McManus says, ominously,
"I pride myself on really good storytelling."
Er, that was the Rather/Mapes/Heyward problem. Too many really well told stories with too much fabricated evidence to back up those stories. I hope, for the sake of CBS News, that McManus can do a better job of conjuring up, documenting and disseminating falsehoods than did his predecessors.

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