Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Palestinians release collaborators

The self-proclaimed fearsome Palestinian group "Knights of the Storm" released two fellow Palestinians accused of collaboration with the Israelis - after shooting them both in the legs. The two men were released into the custody of their families with orders to remain under "house arrest" for 9 months - just about the recovery period necessary after being shot in the legs, I should think. Well, their families won't have to worry about them running around the house for awhile. Of course, they won't be able to run to the grocery either, or run any errands, or run late for an appointment, or hop to it, or jump to conclusions, or make a leap of faith, or feel free to jump in, or run a fever, or walk like a man, or shake a leg, or stand tall, or lean on me, or run around Sue, or run away from home, or climb the walls, or walk in my shoes, or tread on me, or walk on eggshells, or tiptoe through the tulips, or tread lightly, or do the Bristol Stomp, or dance on the ceiling, or rock around the clock, or step lively, or . . . oh, hell, you get the idea.


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