Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Israel erased from my map

There you go, Mahmoud, it's been erased from the map. Happy now?


UPDATE: Mahmoud was really really serious, so this time Israel has really really been erased. The Gaza Strip has been renamed the Gaza Peninsula, the Jordon River has ceased to exist and King Abdullah now has only a short walk to the beach. Investors are flocking to the new seashore and clamboring to be the first to build Club Med Mohammed, the Jihad Hilton, the Ottoman Omni, the Fedayeen Four Seasons, The Sands (heh heh), the Saladin Sheraton, the Real Oasis, the Marriot of Martyrs, the Bin Laden Budget, the Great Satan Sofitel, Allah's Astoria, the Caliphate Concord, the Suicide Bomber's Ballys, the Mullah's Motel 6 and the Arabian Ascot.

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