Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why I like Christopher Hitchens

In an "I told you so" piece in Slate, Christopher Hitchens describes George Galloway's speaking of his old friend Tariq Aziz in "moist terms". I like that, moist terms. I've heard of moist eyes, moist lips, moist nether regions and even moist towelettes, but never moist terms. What could I do with "moist terms"? Lessee here; John Kerry, referring to Jane Fonda in moist terms, said, "I truly miss her backside . . . er . . . backup . . . you know, her support." Or how about this; Referring to his old nemesis in moist terms, Captain Ahab said, "Smart move by Moby, scuttling my ship. He knows I'll never make it to shore doing a one-legged duck paddle." Maybe this; Referring in moist terms to his visit to the great alien spacecraft, Rev. Farrakhan said, "The meal they prepared for me of possum stew, grits and turnip greens was OK, I guess, but I could have done without the anal probing."

Anyway, it looks like Hitchens has been right all along and Galloway has been lying through his teeth. It remains to be seen what will become of Galloway. He should be facing contempt of Congress and perjury charges here as well as perjury charges in Britain for his testimony in his lawsuit against the Telegraph, which he won based on that perjured testimony.

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