Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Reader response

I appreciate comments and feedback from visitors to this blog. Sometimes I'll add a response of my own in the comments and sometimes, like now, I'll write a post specifically addressing a commenter's, er, comments. Commenter Marc, who paid a visit to the previous post says,
"It's so easy to kill innocent people and journalists when your (sic) are in a 4 milion (sic) $ (sic) tank..."
I think my post made Marc sic. Anyway, I want to take a moment to illuminate Señor/Monsieur/Herr Marc as to the fact that it is most assuredly not easy to kill innocent journalists from a $4 million tank. However, from an $11 million tank, it is indeed a piece of cake. Since the M1A2 SEP MBT upgrade to an existing obsolete M1 Battle Tank costs $6.7 million and the original cost of the M1 was about $4 million a copy in 1990 (2004 dollars), that makes the total package blasting away at innocent journalists more like $11 million, assuming that ERA (explosive reactive armor) is not required to kill those innocent journalists. I wouldn't think that ERA would be necessary since the journalists would be defending themselves by throwing glasses of Merlot (well . . . probably more like White Zinfandel) and cans of 35mm film at the oncoming Goliath. $4 million, Marc? We spend $4 million just to train the crew. Our heavy armor crews wouldn't be caught dead in a $4 million tank nor a $4 million hotel. Our enemies, however, frequently are.

Señor/Monsieur/Herr Marc adds,
"It wasn't a mistake, they shot directly on the hotel where the US army had previously placed the international journalists. Keep on defending criminals...that will make your country the most horrible place in the world."
Well, I certainly hope so. That would effectively end the almost overpowering and unstoppable surge of immigrants, both legal and otherwise, from Mexico, Central America, South America, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, China, Africa, Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as the Spanish, Italian, British, French, German and Eastern European brain drainers who are so desperately scrambling to enter the territory of this "most horrible place in the world." It might also mean that, should any of the three innocent veterans actually be arrested, there might be someone left in Spain who speaks something other than Arabic to supervise their trials.

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