Saturday, October 15, 2005

Art for health

I saw this yesterday but am just now getting around to commenting on it. A Swedish researcher, Britt-Maj Wikstroem of the Ersta Skoendal University College in Stockholm, had 20 women of around 80 years of age gather once a week for four months to discuss different works of art.

"The result was positive. Their attitudes became more positive, more creative, their blood pressure went in the right direction ... and they used fewer laxatives," she told AFP.

Well, I don't know about 80 year-old ladies, but here are some examples of works of art which induce constipation and high blood pressure in Mark in Mexico as well as their antidotes.

Warhol Mao Constipating

Tiananmen Square Antidote

Che Guevara Constipating

Che Guevara Body 1 Antidote

Thong 1 Blood pressure elevated

Overalls Antidote

The Thinker Blood pressure elevated

Heisman Trophy Antidote

Arc de Triomphe Constipatiing

Iwo Jima Memorial Antidote

Bidet Constipating

Jesusland Outdoor Toilet Antidote

Kerry Kiss Constipating

George Laura Kiss Antidote

Remington Foreign Cavalryman Constipating

Remington Cavalryman Antidote

Twin Towers 1 Blood pressure elevated

Uday & Qusay Antidote


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