Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Drudge headlines

I don't know what criteria are used by Drudge's headline, or lede writers, but this hour's contains some interesting ones. At 12:45 PM CDT, I see:

NYC Unveils: Hurricane Evacuation Plan... That would certainly be timely.

Bush wants right to use military if bird flu hits... What will the military do, hit it back?

Torture of Iraqis was for 'stress relief'... No details on the Iraqi prisoners' stress levels.

DISABLED DANE FIGHTS FOR STATE FUNDED SEX... followed immediately by; Sharp rise in HIV infections in Germany...

Doctor sued for sex treatment for back pain... The sex was crummy and the back pain got worse, I guess.

TEXT MESSAGING 'EXPOSES CELL NETWORKS TO ATTACK'... The brain cell network, I assume.

MIERS FOUND CHRIST, TURNED REPUBLICAN... This tells you all you need to know about those godless Democrats, doesn't it?

Dem Leader Reid: Miers Has "Real-Life Experience" ... As opposed to what, Harry; artificial life experience?

SEN. LOTT NOT COMFORTABLE WITH MIERS... Not comfortable where? In a crowded elevator? In a small room? In the same country? In bed?

Media Execs Ponder Role of User-Generated News... I think it's called "the future".

REPORT: BRITNEY SPEARS FEARS RELEASE OF PREGNANT SEX ROMP TAPE... I usually don't follow this type of link, so I didn't follow this one, too.

'Global warming' could create all-female turtle populations: scientists... When I first glanced at this, I saw, "'Global warming' could create all-female turtle populations, scientists..." Hmmm, all-female scientists, eh? Punctuation ROCKS.

New Iraqi authorities waiting to take over 'Saddam's villa' in France... You can take the Iraqis out of the mud huts but . . .

Son of former President Carter to run for senate... Now, this is wierd. I am racking my brain for any recollection of son, Jack. All I remember is the Mia Farrow lookalike Amy, every time and all the time. Oh, and, The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer, of course.


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