Thursday, October 20, 2005

Peas in a pod

What do Mother Teresa, President George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, Mahatma Ghandi, Adolph Hitler and Osama bin Laden all have in common? They are faces on billboards being put up around Mexico City (that's in Mexico) to admonish citizens to adopt more civil behavior. I might also say, more civilized behavior. On one billboard Saddam warns, "Don't you dare double park." On another, Mother Teresa says, "Don't give bribes to the devil!" Now, exactly why the civic group "Muevete por Tu Ciudad" (loosely translated as "Do Something for Your City", or in plainer English, "Move Your Ass!") would use the faces of notorious mass murderers along with saints or near saints has yet to be determined. Those responsible for this somewhat confusing campaign were mysteriously unavailable for comment.

One has to wonder what the George Bush billboard will say, "Stay home!"?

And Osama bin Laden's? His billboard will probably appear in a park somewhere admonishing city planners, "Save Our Open Spaces - Don't build an office tower here!"

Adolph Hitler's? "Support Mexican Auto Workers - Buy Volkswagen!"

Mahatma Ghandi's? "Exercise of nonviolence requires far greater bravery than that of swordsmanship, regardless of what Antonio Banderas may claim."


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