Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Becoming weary of the Spanish, too.

Move over France and Germany, the Spanish are competing for most ridiculous and irrelevant European country. This apparently coveted status, currently held by France, with Germany a close runner-up, has been hotly contested for about 60 years by both France and Germany. Prior to 1945, France had held the dubious honor since 1917 when Britain and The United States rescued France after Germany kicked its butt in WW I. Since 1945, France has improved not a whit while Germany managed to drag itself down by its own bootstraps to francophilian levels of incompetence. Now the Spaniards want to play in this game, too.

An obviously machoed-out Spanish judge who has been attending too many bullfights and watching too many Zorro movies has issued "international" arrest warrants for three American soldiers, Sgt. Shawn Gibson, Capt. Philip Wolford and Lt. Col. Philip de Camp, U.S. 3rd Infantry, whose tank fired on a Baghdad hotel, killing a Spanish journalist and another person. The testosterone laden judge says that American judicial lack of cooperation forced his hand. Oh, really? Judge Santiago Pedraz fails to see the big picture here. It is not a lack of cooperation from U.S. judicial authorities. It's a "Who the hell are you?" reaction to a, well, "Who the hell is he and why do we care what the Spanish want?" scenario. The very term, "lack of cooperation" intimates that the U.S. should, in fact, be cooperating. Why, pray tell, should that be?

One of these days some nitwit in Spain or Belgium or France or Germany is going to arrest an American war veteran or politician in one of their countries while on holiday with his or her family and all hell is going to break loose. These cowardly people seem to think that they can act with impunity against America and her citizens who, after all, have protected Europe and its incompetent and irrelevant countries for almost a century, first from one another and then from the Soviet slimeballs. They can't compete with us economically, politically or militarily, so they run around issuing various threats, arrest warrants for innocent American citizens, WTO complaints, sponsoring anti-American street demonstrations, speechifying against us at the UN, voting against us at that same incompetent, irrelevant and corrupt UN, propping up dictators like Robert Mugabe and all the while extolling the virtues of 10% unemployment and gasoline prices two to three time higher than what we pay. I deal with this daily from my 6 year-old so I should be used to it.

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