Friday, September 23, 2005

Are these the stupidest people on earth?

I have to think they are. The Israelis abandon Gaza and turn it over to the Palestinians who immediately demonstrate their nation building skills by roaring into the strip with all guns blazing. They gunned down two of their own people in their exuberance last week. They sought out abandoned Jewish synagogues, looted them and burned them. All except for one which they are going to convert into a weapons museum. The Israeli settlers had built a number of high tech greenhouses in which to grow food. American Jewish groups purchased the greenhouses from the evacuating settlers and donated them to the Palestinian Authority. When the Palestinians came roaring in, with all guns blazing, they looted and stripped the greenhouses bare. Apparently Palestinians don't require fruits and vegetables as part of their daily fare.

A few years ago, Arafat (still dead at last report) complained to the UN about Israeli undercover agents selling adulterated explosives to the Palestinian terrorist cells. The explosives had been rendered so unstable by Israeli chemists that the stuff blew up in the middle of terrorist bomb construction. So Arafat whined to the UN. "Our good wholesome terrorist bomb assemblers are being killed by vicious Joo chemists," or something like that. Just last week an accidental explosion in a Hamas bomb factory killed 5 Palestinian bomb makers. Oopsie daisy!

Now, at the supposed final mass rally of Palestinians celebrating the handover of Gaza to, well, I'm not sure whom, a pickup truck laden with explosives drives through the crowd, all guns blazing in the air, of course, and explodes, killing at least 15, including two children, and wounding at least 60. The Palestinian terrorists immediately blamed it on an "Israeli drone", but Palestinian Authority security officials said the explosion was caused by the "mishandling of explosives."
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah group and the Palestinian interior ministry said Hamas was responsible.

"The Fatah Central Committee holds the Hamas movement fully responsible for the victims of the military parade (that was held) among civilians," Fatah's Central Committee said in a statement.
They are stupid and they are animals and undeserving of even a shred of sympathy. I really hate those people. Temper tantrum ends.

UPDATE: Heh, it gets even better.
During an Islamic Jihad rally at the abandoned Jewish settlement of Netzarim last week, a gunman died after accidentally shooting himself in the head.
Accidentally shot himself in the head? Unbelievable. And then there is this, right after the explosion during the celebration.
Even after the blast Friday, seven or eight gunmen stood in the back of another truck riding through Gaza, using their feet to stop a half-dozen rockets from bouncing around in the bed.
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