Monday, September 12, 2005

The laying on of hands

Dick Gregory's hands, anyway. After visiting hurricane refugees in Houston, Gregory said,
"I'm a hero in America, so just to go there and touch them, means a lot to them. [That] means more than taking them to the Red Cross and giving them food."
You can hear the actual statement here. Can you imagine Bill Cosby saying such a thing?

Gregory also had the following to say:
It (Hurricane Katrina) didn't hit, it went down the Gulf. And nobody is asking, if it missed, where's this damn water coming from?

Who shut them pumps off and who's going to investigate those two barges with dynamite on them that hit that levee?

They (the federal government) will have no problem declaring that whole city a disaster area (permanently barring the return of its citizens) because of the mold.

Last Friday he (U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert) said there's no need to rebuild it, plow it under. Well that's what they're planning on doing.

If they found oil under there and they're going to turn it into an oil well, that's black and white folks. (referring to the federal government turning New Orleans into a giant oil well)
So, according to Dick Gregory, the federal government knows that oil is located under the city of New Orleans, shut off the water pumps and then rammed two barges loaded with dynamite into the levees to blow them open. The city floods and the federal government will declare it uninhabitable due to the "mold" so that the oil can be pumped out without any bother from the residents.

Not to be outdone, Donele Edwards, co-chair of the National Black Environmental Justice Network (NBEJN), laid the specific blame at the doorstep of the Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps, she charged,
deliberately designed the floodwaters to go into the 9th Ward of New Orleans.
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