Friday, September 09, 2005

Crescent of Embrace

A design has been selected for the United Airlines Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania. I didn't have any relatives or friends on that flight and I understand from the article that some family members were a part of the committee that made this selection. I would hesitate to challenge or criticize those who lost loved ones in that crash, especially when considering the bravery shown by the passengers who sacrificed their lives to keep that plane away from Washington. In light of the Islamic nations' and terrorist organizations' flags shown below, I really am having trouble understanding the selection committee's thinking. First, the memorial design.

Crescent of Embrace Crescent of Embrace - Flight 93 Memorial

Now, take a look at these flags of Islamic nations and terrorist organizations.

The Islamic Conference's crescent flagThe Islamic Conference
The Arab League's crescent flagThe Arab League
Aceh's crescent flagAceh
Algeria's crescent flagAlgeria
Angola's crescent flagAngola
Azerbaijan's crescent flagAzerbaijan
Brunei's crescent flagBrunei
Comoros' crescent flagCormoros
Malaysia's crescent flagMalaysia
Maldives' crescent flagMaldives
Mauritania's crescent flagMauritania
Nothern Cyprus' (Turkey) crescent flagNorthern Cyprus (Turkey)
Nakhichevan's crescent flagNakhichevan
Pakistan's crescent flagPakistan
Tunisia's crescent flagTunisia
Turkey's crescent flagTurkey
Turkmenistan's crescent flagTurkmenistan
Uzbekistan's crescent flagUzbekistan
Western Sahara's crescent flagWestern Sahara
Organization of Islamic Conference's crescent flagOrganization of Islamic Conference
Hamas' crescent flagHAMAS
Hezbollah's crescent flagHezbollah
Nation of Islam's (Black Muslims) crescent flagBlack Muslims (USA-Nation of Islam)

Why would the selection committee adopt the worldwide symbol of the religion which sponsored the killers and in whose name their loved ones were murdered?

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