Saturday, September 24, 2005

Racial violence out of control in New York City

Two incidents reported today of racial hate crimes being committed by students in New York City. In the first, from Staten Island, a 13 year-old white girl, an honor student at IS 27, was walking home when she was viciously attacked by 5 black students, 4 girls and a boy, ages 13 to 15. They punched her, held her down while they pulled out her hair, broke a bottle over one of her eyes, then the boy kicked her in the head and neck. The girl suffered a detached retina in one eye during the attack and a doctor says she may lose the sight of that eye. All the while beating her, the attackers shouted "You're a white bitch, you think you're so pretty." Police have arrested the four girls involved in the attack.

In the second report, this time from Brooklyn, 3 black and one Hispanic female eighth grade public school students were arrested for an attack on 1 of 2 white Catholic parochial school students who ride the same bus to and from their schools. The black girls are part of a 10-12 member "wolfpack". They attacked one of the white girls first on the bus and then followed them when they disembarked to continue the beating. Police picked up the two girls at their catholic school the next day and then drove them past the bus stop where the two were able to identify 4 of their attackers. In the bus attack, the attackers shouted, "Look at the f***ing white cracker bitches."

I blame the parents, if there are any still around, race mongers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Charles Rangel as well as New York public school officials and police who have allowed this kind of thing to go on for years. My question would be, "When are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Charles Rangel going to begin to actually try to accomplish something for their people?" I fear that the answer is, "Never." Bull Conner? Bull Shit.


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