Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sea Beast

The navy's proposed DD(Rex) destroyer. Pretty neat stuff. Armed with 2 - 155mm (6 in.) guns with a rate of fire of 10 rds per minute each, range of 68 miles and accuracy to within 7 feet at 68 miles. The guns can each also deliver up to 8 shells simultaneously by firing consecutive shells at diminishing trajectories, causing all 8 to strike the target at the same time. Look closely at the picture at the details on port and starboard just in front of and behind the guns. Those are the missile pods which are placed along the hull to also act as ERA (explosive reaction armor). If an enemy surface skimming missile hits the hull of the ship, our missiles detonate to deflect the explosive energy and penetration of the missile. Look again at the bow of the ship and all along the hull at the water line. The hull design is called the tumblehome design. The hull is sloped away from the water which allows it to cut through waves with much less rocking motion making it far harder for enemy radar to detect. The ship's superstructure is made of a wood/plastc composite which also interfers with enemy detection methods. The destroyer will be outrageously fast and quieter than most submarines. An enemy who foolishly fires on US forces will have only minutes before the DD(Rex) rains hell down upon him. Cost? Why, just a mere $3.3 billion dollars each. I'll take a hunnerd! By 2020 the DD(Rex) is expected to be fitted with an electromagnetic rail gun with a range of 268 nautical miles. That would put all of North Korea within range of Naval guns from either side of the Korean peninsula, as well as Paris, France from the English Channel.

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