Friday, September 23, 2005

I've got a bone to pick with somebody

I just checked my Site Meter to see from whence were coming today's visitors. I checked the "By Referrals" category and the VERY FIRST ENTRY was a Google search results page for a search for "teen bitches in Mexico". Now, I racked my brain for all of 3.5 seconds trying to recall any post of mine that contained the four words:

There aren't any. I have never, to my knowledge and recollection, ever used the term "bitches". "Teen", perhaps, although I do not recall it. "In" and "Mexico" comprise 2/3 of my blog's title. I clicked on the link to the search page and it was, as you might imagine, all XXX stuff. On the second page, there I was. It was the title block of my blog and my blogger profile. The terms "in" and "Mexico" were emboldened but teen and bitches did not appear.

How does this happen.? The fact that the link appeared means that some sweaty, panting porn seeker in search of teen Mexican bitches had actually paid a visit to my blog. It makes me want to wash my keyboard and monitor. How does this happen?

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