Saturday, September 10, 2005

Jim Bowie, we are here.

Those Texans continue to show that bureaucracy and red tape are something for someone else in other states to worry about. Recognizing the influx of Louisiana refugee lawyers who under the law cannot practice in Texas, well shoot, that was no problem at all. The Texas Supreme Court issued a one paragraph order that allows displaced lawyers holding law licenses from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to practice in Texas for a period of 30 days without fear of reprisal from the UPLC (Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee of the Texas State Bar). Furthermore, officials of the State Bar and the UPLC know that more accommodations will have to be made on down the road and intend to stay on top of this.

Meanwhile, Houston Mayor Bill White, now hosting 100,000 storm evacuees, did a little bureaucracy thinning of his own. After the Reliant Astro Dome had accepted only 7000 refugees, the State Fire Marshall declared it closed. This with thousands more refugees piling up outside and more arriving every minute. Mayor White undeclared the Fire Marshall's declaration.
"We want this exhibition hall open right now," he declared. "If it entails someone suing us, then OK. Then [they can] explain to the American people why."
Well, if someone indeed sues over this, Mayor White can show up in court with his own legal staff as well as a couple thousand Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama lawyers in tow. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Judge, "And who represents the City of Houston in this case?" Two thousand lawyers leap to their feet shouting, "We do, yer honor!"

Mayor White also wanted to use a vacant supermarket to set up a refugee center. The owners didn't want to rent it. Hizzoner said, "Oh, yes you do," and seized it. The owners will be paid rent, but I would imagine that their rent checks will be jusssst a bit tardy in light of their surly attitudes and poor manners. I don't know about hizzoner's political persuasion but I suppose he's a damned Democrat. Well, I can forgive that in just this one instance.

If you don't know who Jim Bowie was, where he was from and where and how he died, please don't ever visit this blog again. Go visit Kos or Tbogg or somebody. I doubt that 1 in 10 of their visitors know who Bowie was and less than 1 in 100 care.

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