Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina refugee distribution

Here is where they all are, so far. Look at the Arkansas numbers. Everyone has been praising the generosity of Texas and we have forgotten Arkansas.

TEXAS: About 97,000 in shelters; more in hotels or other housing

ARKANSAS: About 70,000 in shelters, motels and private homes

LOUISIANA: 55,537 in 216 Red Cross shelters; 54,622 in 201 shelters

MISSISSIPPI: 18,343 in 117 shelters, more in motels, hotels and private homes


ALABAMA: 2,494 in shelters; as many as 4,000 in hotels

MISSOURI: About 5,860 at hotels, churches and relatives' homes

OKLAHOMA: 2,352 in four shelters


KENTUCKY: 1,650, several hundred sought assistance at a city center

GEORGIA: More than 1,500 in 17 Red Cross shelters.

ILLINOIS: About 1,200

NORTH CAROLINA: 1,167 in shelters, hotels and private homes

INDIANA: At least 1,150 evacuees

KANSAS: Fewer than 1,000 in churches, hotels and homes

SOUTH CAROLINA: At least 800 families in hotels, motels, private residences

OHIO: At least 873, plus 141 families

FLORIDA: 852 in nine emergency shelters (but not in my backyard, by golly)

COLORADO: About 650 in shelters and with relatives and friends

MICHIGAN: 247 at Fort Custer Training Center; Red Cross are assisting 300 families

WISCONSIN: Nearly 400 at Milwaukee's State Fair Park; 210 with friends or family

UTAH: 443 at Camp Williams; up to 22 at hospitals.

MARYLAND: Between 300 and 550 people seeking Red Cross or local assistance

ARIZONA: About 335 in Phoenix shelter; about 80 in Tucson


MINNESOTA: More than 270, mostly with friends, families and in churches

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: About 215 at the D.C. Armory

PENNSYLVANIA: At least 200 in homes, shelters, other locations

MASSACHUSETTS: About 107 at Camp Edwards.

NEW MEXICO: 50 at the Albuquerque Convention Center


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