Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New Orleans police cars evacuated successfully

There seems to be a significant number of New Oleans Police Department cars in Houston. We are all pleased, I am sure, to learn that the police officers responsible for saving these cars were able to successfully evacuate them and avoid Katrina's wrath. The citizens whom the police officers were supposed to protect and serve may not view this development quite so kindly. NOPD officials have asked that the Houston police department please not press charges against any of the fleeing officers for theft of government property. It was a police car rescue operation, dontcha see? And the rescue squad had to drive the cars all the way to Houston, Texas to assure that they would be safe from even scattered showers and partly cloudy skies. The police car evacuation squad worked quite efficiently as did the NOPD's Wal-Mart SKU evacuation squad.

I mean no disrespect whatsoever for those who stayed behind and fought to protect and serve. They are heroes. There were just damned few of them. A really thin blue line.

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