Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This sounds to me like politics as usual

You would indeed be shocked - shocked! - to learn of the nasty goings-on in politics' "underworld".

Actually, the quote says "'s underworld". The article describes a place where people "spit, punch, kick and inflict immense pain with little fear of repercussions. Those who wind up in this place must be prepared to hear disturbing sounds and see horrific sights." Must be the Congress, although for raw viciousness, the campaign trail rivals Washington for inhuman violence. The only differences that I see here between pro football and politics is that the usually fat-assed aging politicians do it with words and deeds as opposed to actually physically assaulting one another. However, while pro football players at least attempt to hide their activities from the officials, politicians commit their inhuman assaults quite gleefully in the glaring light of TV cameras and microphones

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