Saturday, September 17, 2005

Preaching fear and division

Jeffry Gardner asks the rhetorical questions,
Is it possible to see everything in the worst possible light, to claim life in America is an endless struggle of class or race warfare, and still expect the American people to let you to lead the nation?
Can Democrats endlessly preach fear and division and rightly expect the American people to let them lead?
He believes that the left thinks so, but he says that most Americans don't see it that way. As an example, he uses the poll that shows that only 13% of Americans hold President Bush personally responsible for the mess along the Gulf Coast, while the vast majority don't hold anyone responsible in particular.

In spite of the best efforts of most of the MSM, the far-left and most liberals to paint the Katrina catastrophe as a failure of the Bush administration, most Americans aren't buying it. He makes it plain, however, that,
We're tired of the White House's endless rehashing of the same old "sacrifice, honor and bravery" speech when the president talks about Iraq. We need more information of the sort the president delivered at the end of June - unvarnished and reasonable.
And I think he's right about that. I also think he already knows the answers to his rhetorical questions. So do you.

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