Wednesday, August 16, 2006

JonBenet Ramsey: Statement by John Ramsey about arrest of suspect in Thailand.

From CNN:
"I want to have only very limited comment on today's arrest because I feel it is extremely important to not only let the justice system operate to its conclusion in an orderly manner, but also to avoid feeding the type of media speculation that my wife and I were subjected to for so many years.

"I do want to say, however, that the investigation of the individual arrested today in connection with JonBenet's death was discussed with Patsy and me by the Boulder district attorney's office prior to Patsy's death in June. So Patsy was aware that authorities were close to making an arrest in the case and had she lived to see this day, would no doubt have been as pleased as I am with today's development almost 10 years after our daughter's murder. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for the efforts of Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy and the members of her investigative team."
Man, I really hope they've got the guy. I checked out several other sites with this news but CNN is the only one I found that says the Colorado authorities are definitely bringing the guy back to Colorado.

If this turns out, I feel really sad that Patsy Ramsey did not live to see it. On the other hand, I could not be happier for John Ramsey and for his son, Burke, both of whom have been accused of being responsible for the murder of the little girl.

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