Monday, August 28, 2006

Mexico election: AMLO losing more ground

Among the more than 300 formal objections filed by all parties against the July 2 election, the PAN (Felipe Calderón) and the PRD (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) each asked that a certain number of polls have their entire vote annulled. These requested annullments were for various alleged infractions of Mexico voting laws.

The magistrates who will ultimately decide the winner of the presidential election have been studying these formal objections. In public deleberations which began at 8:00 this morning in Mexico City, the 7 magistrates began debating the recommendations of individual magistrates who were charged with investigating and proposing solutions to all of the objections.

Magistrate Bertha Alfonsina Navarro was assigned 54 of the complaints. In these 54 complaints, the PAN had demanded that the votes be annulled from 433 polls and the PRD demanded the annullment of 1655 polls. Magistrate Navarro has presented her decisions to the full body as follows: She recommends the annullment of 30 of the 433 polls demanded by the PAN and 113 of the 1655 as demanded by the PRD. This will cost the candidates the following vote totals: Felipe Calderón will lose 15,825 votes and AMLO will lose 16,469. If the full body of the election magistrates accepts her recommendation, AMLO will suffer a net loss of 644 votes.

AMLO's biggest losses will occur in two Mexico City suburbs where the PRD assigned local city officials to work in the polls. This is strictly against Mexican election law. Political officials are not allowed to be inside the polls on election day. Private citizens only may man the polls.

In the cases of all the polls which the magistrate recommends that the vote totals stand as reported, she found that the objections from either the PAN or the PRD were unfounded. It would be interesting to see if there was one case anywhere where both the PAN and the PRD demanded that the same poll be annulled. I doubt it but then again it would not surprise me.

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