Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico teachers strike: Adiós to Governor Ruiz Ortiz?

Some healthy reading between the lines will be required.

I think that Oaxaca's Governor Ruiz Ortiz is ill. He is a diabetic and I think he has suffered a flareup. The ongoing stress, loss of sleep and poor diet during these past 3 months have all taken their toll.

I do not think he is even in Oaxaca. I think he has gone to Mexico City to seek treatment.

I think that his doctors, out of concern for his health, have recommended that he seek other employment.

I think that he will be replaced by an interim governor, probably Heliodoro Díaz Escarraga, Secretario General de Gobierno (Government General Secretary) to fill out the rest of the term. Or, there might be a special election called.

In any event, whether at the end of the governor's normal term or in a special election, the man chosen to become the next governor is a fellow who was the city's mayor as a PANista, then helped put together a coalition of the PAN, PRD and CD, was defeated in the governor's race by Ruiz Ortiz in 2005, and got elected to the national senate as a PRD candidate this year. His name would be Senator elect Gabino Cué Monteagudo, party of . . . pick one.

It remains to be seen if all of this will be accepted by the striking teachers and the anarchists in the streets. The striking teachers have refused to negotiate with Díaz Escarraga. He is a recent appointee, having replaced Jorge Franco Vargas, one of the 5 government officials whose heads have been demanded by the striking teachers and the APPO. Three others all fell on the same day as did Franco Vargas. This was a sop to the teachers thrown out by Governor Ruiz Ortiz in an attempt to end the crisis and get them off his back. It didn't work. The teachers and APPO want the governor gone also.

Looks like they're about to get their wish . . . if Ruiz Ortiz's doctors have their way.

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