Monday, August 28, 2006

Mexico election: Magistrates confirm Calderón victory

The TEPJF, the 7 magistrates who have the final say in the July 2 presidential election, will, according to this report and others, uphold the victory of Felipe Calderón over Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Their final decisions relative to the 375 formal complaints filed against the election will be announced on their website later today or tomorrow. As stated in the previous post, the magistrates did annull some number of votes but they have decided, as expected, that there was no "massive fraud" as alleged by AMLO and the PRD. This charge was pretty well pooh-poohed by everyone else on earth, from the United Nations down to your friendly neighborhood PANista.

Now, AMLO, who obviously also expected this result, has threatened to set up a parallel government. I wonder from where his tax money will come. He has stated that he no longer has any belief in or loyalty to any Mexican institutions, from the presidency on down. I further wonder if this includes registered political parties, like, uh, the PRD.

The TEPJF has until September 6 to formally certify the winner, but it looks like it's all over but for the formalities.

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