Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mexico election: House and Senate all set - presidential recount deliberations begin tomorrow

The Mexican election magistrates who must certify the July 2 election results have finished their work in the legislative arena. AMLO's PRD coalition lost a House seat (called the Cámara de Diputados). The Magistrates voted unanimously to throw out the results of 6 polls in a district from Mexico state because the PRD assigned city officials to those polls on election day. That's a violation of Mexican election law. It was considered by the magistrates that the presence of PRD city officials inside the polls on election day tended to influence or coerce voters into casting their ballots for the PRD. A PRI coalition candidate was declared the winner.

The Mexican House of Representatives, as far as the three major parties are concerned, will consist of 206 seats for the PAN, 126 for the PRD and 104 for the PRI. I don't know how many seats the little fringe parties will occupy but it is an irrelevant number.

The Senate election on July 2 saw no changes from the July 2 vote. The Senate will consist of 52 seats for the PAN, 32 for the PRD, 35 for the PRI, 4 for the PVEM, 1 for the Nueva Alianza, 2 for Convergencia and 2 for the PT.

Tomorrow the real fun starts. The magistrates begin reviewing the partial recount and all the complaints, charges and counter-charges against the results of the presidential vote and the just completed recount itself. Stay tuned.

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