Monday, August 21, 2006

Massacres at Medinah and Boston

At Medinah, IL, Tiger Woods and Luke Donald began the final round of this year's PGA Championship tied in first place. Woods shot a cool and mostly trouble free 68 while Donald carded a 74 to finish 6 shots to the rear. Woods made it quick by birdieing the first hole and then rolling in birdie putts on the fifth and sixth. Hasta la vista, baby.

Personally, I wasn't that impressed. Woods was unable to birdie the par 5 tenth hole in four rounds. In fact, besides the three crummy pars he made, he bogeyed the hole on Thursday. When Tiger Woods shoots a par on a par 5 hole, that's the same as a bogey against any mortal golfer, past, present and probably future. So, in other words, he really played the tenth hole at Medinah at 5 over par. What's so great about that?

You can have your Tiger Woods. Give me Young Tom Morris. Go Young Tom! Go Young Tom!

Young Tom Morris, watched by Old Tom Morris, preparing to birdie the
10th at Medinah, IL (IL = Isle of Mulligan for those who don't speak Pict)

The Boston Red Sox, meanwhile, scored 25 runs in four games against the hated New York Yankees. Not bad, 25 runs in 4 games. Trouble was, Boston gave up 47 runs in those same 4 games. You don't win many games being outscored 2:1. And Boston didn't win any.

Even if the Red Sox manage to salvage the last of their rare 5 game series with the Yanks, a dubious prospect at best, they'll still stagger away 4.5 games behind. This race is over. The Yankees, victims of a slew of injuries early in the season and still saddled with 4 potential starters out, are only 1/2 game behind the Mets and 4 games behind Detroit for the best record in baseball. If and when starting pitcher Pavano returns along with heavy bats Matsui and Sheffield, the Yanks are gonna to be tough to beat.

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