Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mexico election: President Fox rescues AMLO supporter

Mexico's President Vicente Fox was at the podium and about to begin a speech at a university in a Mexico City suburb. He was delayed a bit when a supporter of losing presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador held up a small sign that read "Voto Por Voto" (recount all the votes). The president's bodyguards rushed into the crowd towards the man and the members of the audience around him immediately began to shout, "Out! Out! Throw him Out!" President Fox promptly reacted from the dais. "Let him be. Leave him alone! Let him enjoy the liberty that we have in this country. Let him be. There is no doubt that I am standing before a very vibrant group. Here we are seeing a living, breathing example of optimism, unity and spirituality before our very eyes."

The protester, a PRDista who was present by invitation, continued to be subjected to hisses of "traitor", "sell-out" and "troublemaker" throughout the rest of Fox's speech. Catarino Sandoval Uvalle, a city official, told the press after Fox's speech that, as the audience rose to leave, he was pushed by someone.

No blood, no foul.

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