Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tiger Woods: Why he's the greatest player in history.

2006 Buick Open, 12th hole, 340 yard par 4:
Woods tries to drive the green but pulls his shot way left. He has to yell "Fore!" to warn the fans surrounding the green.
From the spot where his ball finally stopped, luckily without killing anybody, he chipped poorly, uphill onto the green to within about 12 feet.
He knocked down the 12 foot putt for a birdie.


He has to wait 15 minutes at the par 5, 13th tee.

He pulls this tee shot far left also, onto a muddy footpath.
After consulting with an official, he gets a drop off of the footpath, away from the green.
He has a tough second shot from that position but manages to hit a low shot that rolls all the way across and off of the back of the green.
He hits a mediocre chip to within 8 feet.
He drains the 8 foot putt for another birdie.


Total it up.
Two very poor drives. Bad shots both.
One approach shot that was good, considering where his drive and drop left him.
Two chips, poor to mediocre.
Two solid putts.
Two birdies.

Tiger Woods' ability to recover from almost any debacle is what sets him apart from every other player who has ever swung a golf club.

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