Monday, August 21, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Paint War declared

Early this morning, the government sent out work crews to start painting over the anti-government graffiti that's smeared all over the city. That aerosal handiwork by the striking teachers and APPO now includes the walls of Santo Domingo.

In response, the newly named "Radio Cacerola", or Cookpot Radio, called upon APPO and SNTE mobile brigades to paint over the government's paint-over of the original graffiti, which in many cases was painted over previous government paint-overs. You got all that?

This may now go down in history as the "La Guerra de Pintas", or the Paint War, or maybe even War Paint, although "The Graffiti War" sounds better in Spanish -- La Guerra de Grafiti. It may someday even rival the infamous Pastry War (English) in the war of silly Mexican-named wars.

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