Friday, August 11, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: More bloodshed in the streets

Yesterday, during a march by hundreds of APPO supporters, one marcher was shot dead on Calle Niños Heroes. I didn't blog about this yesterday because news reports were wildly divergent as to exactly what happened.

It now appears that, as the marchers passed a house which was being used as a warehouse for a nearby medical clinic, rocks were thrown at the marchers from the house. As a group of marchers approached the house, gunfire rang out. A marcher, a mechanic and husband of a striking teacher, fell mortally wounded with a bullet in the heart Several other protesters were wounded, although none seriously.

The marchers stormed the house where they took 4 men prisoner. They detained another man at a house next door. They then set fire to the medical supplies inside the house, burned several cars outside including an ambulance that belonged to the clinic and burned another city bus.

In a related note, the state's attorney general called in the rector of Benito Juárez University to demand to know why university security had allowed the takeover of the university's radio station as well as the torching of hijacked buses on university property. If the full power of city and state police can't maintain security, I don't know how the authorities can expect the overwhelmed university security staff to do it. If I were the rector, I would tell them, "Hey, come on in and take them out. I'll hold the gate open for you."

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