Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Golf 2006: Tiger Woods 2, Opposition 0

Tiger Woods in Arabic

Remember Tiger Woods, that over 30 has-been? Two tournaments so far in 2006 and he's won them both - in playoffs. Woods won the Dubai Desert Classsic last weekend in a playoff over Ernie Els, the number three ranked golfer in the world, to go with last week's playoff win in The Buick Open. And Woods won it in style. Els was sitting in the clubhouse with a 2 stroke lead as Woods teed off on number 17. Woods birdied 17 and then birdied 18 as Els watched. Els must have just hung his head and sighed deeply.

The two golfers then proceeded back to number 18 for the playoff. Els had played 18 in total at 5 under during the four rounds - 3 birdies and an eagle. So what does he do? Tee shot into the forest, 2nd shot into the lake, misses par putt and picks up his ball in resignation. When Els picked up his ball, he conceded defeat. Woods was on the far front edge of the green in 2, then 3 putted for par and the victory.

Here's a fact about Woods that I did not know. He has now won 57 tournaments world-wide. 47 of those are recognized as PGA Tour tournaments. 10 are recognized as European Tour tournaments, only. However, of the 47 PGA Tournaments he has won, 15 of those are also recognized by the European Tour, such as the US Open and The Masters. So, Woods has now won 25 tournaments either sponsored by or recognized by the European Tour. This puts him halfway to Jose Maria Olazabal's record of 50, and Woods does not specifically play the European Tour. Amazin'!

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