Sunday, February 19, 2006

REAL Muslims getting pissed off

Look at what I found.

On the Pakistani cleric who offered the $1 million bounty for the death of the Danish cartoonists:

Even in Pakistan that is illegal. That man should be arrested at once and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. His assets should be frozen immediately.

Here is a directorate of almost all Pakistani missions and embassies. Call what’s local to you and demand this mans arrest.

If you are in America write a letter to your rep. Anyone can also call the World Bank and ask them to consider this before increasing aid to $750 million.

Most importantly, Muslims ask your Imams to condemn this in his next sermon.

I’m on my way now to go pray at my mosque in Cambridge and that is exactly what I am going to do.


I just got back from my mosque. I was late and missed prayers but I talked to the Imam, told him what I wanted him to do, and that, as a journalist, I would be back next Friday to quote and publish him. He will be delivering the sermon at the MIT interfaith prayer hall.

Please try to do the same in your mosque. We can not let this happen.
From Karim Elsahy at the blog One Arab World

And this from Pakistani blogger Danial in Karachi:
More on Muhammad Cartoons

Karim Elsahy has a post which I think every Pakistani should read. I am sorry Khaled I am afraid of asking such a thing to my mosque’s Imam. There are nearly five mosques near my place and I am afraid that I can not ask them such a thing. They could get furious and even ask other Muslims to beat the Western Shit out of my head. I agree with you that such a thing is illegal in Pakistan. But these Imams ask Muslims to kill Americans, British, Jews and anyone who doesn’t share their views on a daily basis. Most times, Government of Pakistan doesn’t take any action against them. This time though they have taken the Imam into house arrest but I don’t think that he would be prosecuted for anything at all.
There are some Muslims out there trying to fight back, actively. They need all the support they can get.

Others have found this, too.
Hyscience who left a comment with Karim Elsahy
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