Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Irrefutable evidence: Cheney drunk!

Capitol Hill Blue blows the lid off the Cheney shooting coverup. Investigative reporter and Capitol Hill Blue founder and publisher Doug Thompson puts his reputation on the line as he quotes a plethora of impeccable sources. Those sources all confirm that the vice president was "clearly inebriated" when he shot his life-long friend in the face at point blank range with a Holland & Holland 4 gauge Nitro Express. The named sources that Mr. Thompson quotes are identified as:
  • "Secret Service agents"
  • "Agents"
  • "the report"
  • "those who have talked with the agents"
  • "others present at the outing"
  • "a number of administration officials"
  • "others"
  • "one White House aide"
  • "One agent at the scene"
  • "another"
  • "A memo reportedly written"
  • "one agent"
  • "Doctors"
  • "a former employee"
  • "Secret Service officials"
  • "the doctors"
  • "one"
  • "a private doctor"

Mr. Thompson also quotes some anonymous sources but I won't list them here because of their refusals to be named. And besides, in light of this overwhelming and damning evidence, unnamed sources would be redundant.

So, there you have it. I do not think it will be possible to continue defending the vice president knowing all that I have learned from Capitol Hill Blue and Mr. Thompson. I don't see how Mr. Cheney can defend himself either, especially against the unimpeachable (no pun intended) sources "one" and "another".

Mr. Thompson is the author of other well regarded hard-hitting below-the-belt investigative hatchet jobs, such as The S.O.B. has to go, Partisan political pukes, Traitorous bitches and bastards, Only Love Can Stop Terrorism , An American Hitler and his Gestapo, Bush's drinking and drug use must be investigated, A gutless, draft-dodging coward named Dick Cheney and this howler, Partisans can't be journalists.

I think I'll get drunk now.

Rob at Say Anything is juuuust a bit skeptical. Hey, Rob. Read Traitorous bitches and bastards. That did it for me.

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