Monday, February 06, 2006

Mohammed Cartoons - my Muslim hate mail

Just an example (he sent it twice):

mark just wanted to say that you are racist
idiot.Furthermore, as Muslim I have little or nothing
to do with backward narrow minded xenophobic little
like you.I have always wondered about you so
called conservatives.It seems to me that you are just
plain simple minded neo-nazi without the heart and
courage to admit it.So you hide behind equally
backward mantle of so called conservatism.What a slimy
dog you are.I also noticed that in your silly little
website you have links to all the other equally
asinine inbreed backwards brain dead websites.You even
have links to that homophobic homosexual matt
drudge.He should be you retards poster boy, a self
hating homo.He or she fits right in with that other
thing,the junkie bashing junkie lush limbaugh.They
both exemplify what you clowns are, walking
contradiction.You love war but you wont fight in one
yourself.You are for less government unless you can
steal a few dollars from it and run up multi billion
dollars deficits.You are for free enterprise until
because of your inherent greed and ignorance you fall
behind the rest of the world,then you want protected
markets.You claim you love freedom but you would have
others fight your wars to enslave other people.You
claim you love this Great Country but you put partisan
politics above honor and turn a blind eye to the
republican politician that are stealing this Republic
blind.Loathsome evil men that would ruin this country
for personal gain.Yeah what a piece of work.mark, why
don't you do the Mexican people a favor,why don't you
leave Mexico and just go to hell..
"... other equally asinine inbreed backwards brain dead websites."? ok there, taylor, i'll remove them asap. I wonder if I can get them all in one shot with SpyBot Search and Destroy (free plug - I'm not getting paid for it)? I visited Gaza City, once, so I've already been to hell - and back! And, what? No death threat? You can't call this a hate mail worth its salt without at least one death threat, taylor.I feel, er, unsatisfied.

But, anyway, what's your opinion on the cartoons?

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