Thursday, February 16, 2006

Impeach Bush? Not for the time being.

The Senate Intelligence committee voted not to authorize an investigation into the highly classified surveillance operation run by the National Security Agency. This article persists in calling the operation a "domestic surveillance program", a label which the Bush administration challenges.

The Senate committee will review the program again on March 7 to decide if the White House has provided it with al the information that it has asked for. The House could still call for an investigation but I think that's looking a little more doubtful at this time.

Also today, the Senate approved by a vote of 96-3 a slightly modified Patriot Act. The House had already approved the Patriot Act so a conference committee will hammer out the final details.

All-in-all, a successful day on Capitol Hill for the Bush administration. Nobody got everything they wanted but then, according to John E. Sununu, Republican of New Hampshire,
"In an effort like this no party ever gets everything that they want."

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