Thursday, February 09, 2006

Jackie Mason on the Muhammed Cartoons

Writing in The Spectator (UK), Jackie Mason speaks on the Muhammed Cartoon crisis. His article is quite short making it difficult to excerpt without reprinting the whole thing, but I'll give it a try.

On the Muslim's reactions:
Muslim fundamentalists have decided that even if you never saw or heard of the cartoons, you deserve to be hit with rocks, have your car wrecked and your embassies destroyed.

Ironically, the cartoonists were not insulting Islam; they were satirising fanaticism. Now the fanatics have decided that there are no laws, limits or boundaries that apply to their behaviour. They not only have the right to take your life; they now have the right to rob you of your freedom of expression.
On what a Jew would do:
Could you picture a Jew killing anybody for such meaningless reasons?
Examples he gives are football and, especially, hockey:
Hockey players spend all their time hitting each other in the mouth with sticks. When Jews saw how Gentiles played hockey, that is how Jews found out that instead of becoming hockey players they would become dentists, and that way they decided to let other people play the game while they found a way to make a profit from it.

Jews are never known to get into unnecessary physical battles. That is why people are never afraid of being attacked by a Jew. Did you ever hear anybody say, "Don’t go into that neighbourhood, it is very dangerous, there are a lot of Jews there"?
No, we never have. He continues, poignantly:
Jews have so long been accustomed to being threatened and persecuted all over the world that they could never dream of creating needless violence anywhere, because they would be grateful to find a place where they are allowed to live in peace.
And then, on what some of us have done:
Meanwhile, the world is reacting with an amazing cowardice. Instead of a collective fury, we are pleading forgiveness and promising not to offend them with any more cartoons. Could anything be more perverted?
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