Saturday, February 04, 2006

What really started the Muslim anti-cartoon rampage

As reported many places over the past few days, most recently here, there is a lot more to this Muhammed cartoon row than meets the eye. When Danish Imams who originally protested the cartoons could not drum up enough of the appropriate outrage and violence against the newspaper and the governments of Denmark and Norway, these Islamofascists took their show on the road.

They took the 12 cartoons, added three more cartoons which they claimed were also published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, and hand carried them to the Middle East, principally to Saudi Arabia and Egypt. That's when the conflagration rapidly spread from a local Muslim protest over perceived blasphemy to the more typical and expected world-wide Islamic violence. Such as the flag burnings, death threats, hand grenades, fatwahs and embassy bombings that are occurring as you read this.

The 12 original cartoons have been widely published, including in this blog, but what about the other three that were surreptitiously added? Here they are. While the quality is pretty bad, the three cartoons which the Danish Islamofascists masquerading as Imams claimed were also published by Jyllands Posten can be seen to depict Muhammed with a pigs snout, Muhammed having sex with a dog and Muhammed as a pedophile. Here are those three cartoons as drawn by Danish Muslim Imams (thanks to

Muhammed with pig snout

Muhammed having sex with a dog

Muhammed as a pedophile

It is important to note that the Danish Islamofascists had to gin up three more poor quality and insulting cartoons in order to incite the desired outrage and violence that is going on now. Without these three false cartoons added to the mix, this whole uproar might never have happened.

The original twelve Jyllands Posten cartoons were first published in the Danish newspaper in September, 2005. So why the explosion of Islamofascist rage in January of the following year? It is easy to see that Islamofascist rage was ginned up and fanned by falsehoods so typical of Islam, today. The twelve cartoons didn't ignite the expected anti-Christian, anti-Western, Anti-American and anti-everybody-who-isn't-a-slave-to-Muhammed/Allah/Imams/Islamofascists rage. So, the Danish Imams faked it.

And it worked.

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