Friday, February 24, 2006

A motley mob of simple-minded fools

Jim Geraghty, writing in the New Hampshire Union Leader, calls the lefty blogs for what they are and, more often, what they aren't.
The blogs of the left not only have atrocious political instincts; they really don’t have any sense or perspective on what’s important. They’re not that well informed and they don’t think hard about complicated and difficult issues. They not only have no solutions, but they have nothing substantial to say on one of the biggest issues of our lifetimes: how the West and Islam can coexist, or even whether they can. They’re not serious, thoughtful, mature or inspired. There is no “there” there.
Now, with precious few exceptions, Mr. Geraghty does not name names. I would assume that is due to lack of space and/or time. Mark in Mexico operates under no such constraints. Here is a complete list of the blogs to which Mr. Geraghty refers.

1. All Of Them
2. All The Rest

The apophthegm of the lefty bloggers:

Solutions? We don't gots to show you no stinkin' solutions!

apophthegm: (n) a wise saying (I looked it up; took me a while to find it; thought it was spelled apoffthegumm)


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