Monday, February 20, 2006

Jimmy Carter speaks from experience

Jimmah Carter explains to us, with the weary patience one uses when talking to six year-olds, how this transition from one terrorist government to another even more vicious terrorist government is supposed to work. Well, Jimmah certainly should know.

The last time that he was influential in not punishing a terroristic transition government that had recently come to power, we had 70 hostages held and tortured for the last 444 days of Carter's term in office. Carter waited patiently for Ronald Reagan to drub him out of office, for the petrified Khomeini government to frantically release the hostages as Mr. Reagan was being sworn in and then got a free plane ticket from Mr. Reagan so that he could go visit the just released and so-pleased-with-Carter's-patience hostages. The unfortunate part was that the plane ticket Mr. Reagan gave to Mr. Carter was for a round-trip.

Carter says,
The election of Hamas candidates cannot adversely affect genuine peace talks, since such talks have been nonexistent for over five years.
I don't think that is correct. There have been no "genuine peace talks" with whatever murderous Palestinian government was in control at the time for, oh, 57 years. Therefore, cutting of the freebies to Hamas is not going to affect genuine peace talks this year, either.

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