Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An Iraqi Kurd speaks

I found this at Free Republic. I thought you would like to read it also.
Ahmadenijad WHY!?!

Jesse Kaveh - iraqikurd

Now we have seen Iran in the news recently. With all of the tensions surrounding the middle east since 9/11, from the perspective of someone from the middle east you would think they would get their act together. That is the leadership at least.

Let's be honest as Arabs, Persians, Kurds, Turks, Assyrians and Bedouins. Look the world thinks that we are all a bunch of Jew bashing terrorists who just want to blow up the entire world. They think that we all ride camels and drive cabs. Who knows what else is floating around about us. The fact of the matter is that we have a serious image problem, whether we did it to ourself or not.

The real question though is... are people like Ahmadenijad really helping that image problem of Muslim people and middle eastern people? I think not. His recent stunt of coming out and claiming the cartoon Tom and Jerry is a zionist conspiracy created by Walt Disney kind of sums up exactly what I am talking about. When I was watching Al Arabia and heard this one I just covered my face with my hands and held my head in shame. I refuse to believe that the last election in Iran was legit by any stroke of the imagination. The Iranian people are far too smart to elect someone who thinks Tom and Jerry is a zionist conspiracy by Walt Disney.

Before I tell you why I know the Iranian people are too smart for that let me tell you why that entire statement is so screwed up to begin with. First off Tom and Jerry was created for MGM by Hannah. NOT Walt Disney. Two his assertion that the mouse was suppose to represent a Jew has absolutely no basis, it is a frigging childrens cartoon. Lastly, I really can't figure out who is worse, David Duke with his white supremacist nuts on their farm of Ahmadenijad and his fear of Jewish cartoon conspiracies and zionists crawling up his nose. You honestly can't buy this stuff on Pay-Per-View.

Now going back to that little image problem. Is the entire Muslim world and middle eastern community the world over just as shocked as I am which is why they aren't saying anything, or have they just sort of given up and are beyond the point of being amazed by the various regimes in the region? Maybe it's a mix of both but whatever it may be I know they haven't fallen pray to this absolute asinine stupidity!

I hear stories all the time from Persian ex-patriates about how Iran used to be the crown jewel of the middle east before the Islamic revolution. The best pop stars in the world came out of Tehran as well as some of the greatest minds in the world. What happened! I will tell you what happened, we didn't get an Islamist revolution we got a Sand revolution. We got that because the men in power now have about the IQ of the sand that they seem to be inhaling too much of these days.

Now I am not fan of zionism or what Israel has done, don't get me wrong my friends. But to say that the Israelis and zionists control the worlds banks, killed Kennedy, started WWII for their own gain, did 9/11, invaded Iraq, are protesting in Tehran, were behind the tsunami and earthquake make about as much sense as Adolf Hitler saying the Jews were polluting the Aryan race. Let's get real my friends and get rid of people like Ahmadenijad so I can finally get on a plane without being strip searched for God's sake!!!
Tired of being strip searched, eh? Well, I imagine that I'd get a little tired of that, myself; after, oh, once.

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