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4th Annual Warblogger Awards for 2005

RightWingNews publishes the results for the 2005 Warblooger Awards. Mark in Mexico's peerless analysis follows;
The Funniest Blog

Honorable Mention: WuzzaDem (4)
Honorable Mention: This Blog Is Full Of Crap (4)
Honorable Mention: Ace of Spades HQ (7)
Honorable Mention: BlameBush! (8)
Honorable Mention: IMAO (10)
2) Protein Wisdom (12)
2) Iowahawk (12)
1) Scrappleface (19)
I did OK here. 3 of my 5 votes are represented on the list. Protein Wisdom is funniest when he's jerking Fat Oliver's chain.
Best Designed Blog

3) Vodka Pundit (3)
3) Cold Fury (3)
2) Little Green Footballs (4)
1) Wizbang! (5)
One of my five votes counted here.
Most Missed (The best blog that's out of business now)

Honorable Mention: Rambling's Journal (4)
Honorable Mention: A Small Victory (6)
2) Chrenkoff (9)
2) Allah Is In The House (9)
1) USS Clueless (12)
If memory serves, I only cast one vote here and it is represented. Hint: There is only one God and Mohammed is his prophet.
Best Original Reporting By A Blog

Honorable Mention: Little Green Footballs (4)
Honorable Mention: Middle East Journal (5)
Honorable Mention: Power Line (6)
Honorable Mention: Threatswatch (7)
3) Michelle Malkin (9)
2) Captain's Quarters (11)
1) Michael Yon: Online Magazine (13)
I think 3 of my 5 votes are represented here. I forgot all about Michael Yon, however. That sucks, but then again, he won, so no damage done by my missing vote. Sorry Mr. Yon. Hint about my missing votes: I really like those UCLA law profs and their blogs.
Best Blog Round-Up Site (Best website/blog to go to see the top/most interesting stories in the blogosphere for the day)

Honorable Mention: The Hotline's Blogometer (4)
3) Memeorandum (5)
2) Michelle Malkin (9)
1) Instapundit (25)
I cast only one vote here and my favorite is on the list.
Favorite Columnist Who's Not A Blogger

Honorable Mention: George Will (4)
Honorable Mention: Christopher Hitchens (4)
Honorable Mention: Victor Davis Hanson (5)
Honorable Mention: Ann Coulter (7)
3) Thomas Sowell (8)
1) Mark Steyn (22)
1) Charles Krauthammer (22)
James Lileks didn't make this winners' list? I'm shocked. I will admit that I voted for both the Bleat and Screedblog because I don't consider them true blogs. I look on them more like Lileks' little personal columns just for us. Combined with the columns for which he gets paid his giga-thousands, I thought he should have been on this list. Oh well.
Least Liked Columnist Who's Not A Blogger
3) Frank Rich (3)
3) Bob Herbert (3)
2) Paul Krugman (13)
1) Maureen Dowd (25)
Hoowah! I batted 1.000 here. I cast 5 votes with vote number 5 being "etc., etc.".
Favorite Political Website That's Not A Blog

3) The White House (4)
3) The Weekly Standard (4)
1) National Review (11)
1) RealClearPolitics (11)
I don't remember for whom I voted here and am too lazy to look up my email. In any case, all winners are deserving.
Favorite Left-Of-Center Blogger
3) Matthew Yglesias (3)
3) Harry's Place (No blogger specified) (3)
3) Norm Geras from Normblog (3)
2) Mickey Kaus from Kausfiles(7)
1) Kevin Drum from Political Animal(8)
I think I cast a "No Vote" here or abstained or was out-to-lunch, or something.
Most Annoying Left-Of-Center Blogger

Honorable Mention: The Huffinton Post (No blogger specified) (4)
Honorable Mention:Juan Cole from Informed Comment(4)
Honorable Mention:Amanda Marcotte from Pandagon (3 For AM + 2 For Pandragon) (5)
Honorable Mention: Andrew Sullivan from The Daily Dish (10)
3) Oliver Willis (11)
2) Atrios from Eschaton(13)
1) Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga from Daily Kos (23)
Hoowah!! Another 1.000 hitting day. This was too easy.
Most Annoying Right-Of-Center Blogger

3) Stop The ACLU (3)
3) INDC Journal (3)
2) Hugh Hewitt (4)
1) Andrew Sullivan from The Daily Dish (13)
I no-voted here, also. My explanation was that I loves 'em all and, even if unreadable, their hearts are in the right place. I do not, however, consider Sullivan to be right-of-center and I don't understand anyone who does. A rose is a rose is a rose and not because it simply calls itself a rose. It actually has to look like a rose and smell like a rose, even if you get pricked (heh heh) a little when handling it. I would love to see the comments from those who voted for the other three winners in this category.
Most Overrated Blog

Honorable Mention: Little Green Footballs (4)
Honorable Mention: Althouse (4)
Honorable Mention: Power Line (6)
Honorable Mention: Daily Kos (6)
3) Wonkette (7)
3) The Daily Dish (7)
2) The Huffinton Post (8)
1) Instapundit (10)
I hit 2 of 5 here. I'm having a little trouble understanding how LGF, Ann Althouse and Power Line could be considered as "overrated". And Instapundit? Overrated? Somebody's kidding, right? Did I miss something here? Did Reynolds just win the Palme D'Orr? The Nobel Peace Prize? Add a third "n" to his first name and change its pronunciation in a huffy public announcement, "It's Glahnnn, not Glenn," like Tony Dorsett (whom, after 4 years at Pitt with everyone, including his parents, saying "DOR-set", announced quite ceremoniously upon his arrival in Dallas, "It's Dor-SETT, not DOR-set.")?
Best Linker

3) Outside The Beltway (4)
2) Michelle Malkin (14)
1) Instapundit (30)
I did OK here. I also voted for Ace of Spades HQ because he links me a lot. My explanation for including him here was, "I don't know why he likes me so much. It must be his maternal instincts, although I am probably twice his age."
The Best Original Content For A Blog

3) Protein Wisdom (5)
2) Michelle Malkin (6)
1) Belmont Club (7)
I voted for two of these three because, I am ashamed to admit, I forgot all about the Belmont Club. Hint about my other votes: I really like reading those UCLA law profs.
The Best Blog Overall

15) La Shawn Barber (4)
11) Tim Blair (5)
11) The Anchoress (5)
11) RedState (5)
11) Hugh Hewitt (5)
10) The Corner (7)
6) Wizbang! (8)
6) PoliPundit (8)
6) Little Green Footballs (8)
6) Ace of Spades HQ (8)
5) Protein Wisdom (9)
4) Power Line (11)
3) Captain's Quarters (13)
2) Instapundit (16)
1) Michelle Malkin (24)
I no-voted in this category, also. But I will say that, from Malkin to Barber, all richly deserve mention. Why did I not vote for Best Blog overall? I thought that it was an impossible call. If you take a look at the list of winners, you'll see just about the whole gamut of subject matter covered. National politics, the military, the war, local politics, GWOT, terrorism, humor, the Christian perspective, indecipherable screeds on the use and misuse of the English language (Goldstein) and snark about, well, anything and everything from naked anti-war protesters to armadillos and monkeys. Every time I thought I had a vote to cast, I remembered, "Well, there is him," or "There is her," or "There is that one." So, I just couldn't bring myself to cast a vote for any one blog as opposed to any other. I do not see a single blog on this list to which I would object.

Thanks to John Hawkins for inviting me to participate.

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