Friday, December 30, 2005

Comment from Lulu, the unknown blogger

This is the comment of the week and Lulu is in the running for commenter of the year. It's short but sweet.
u seem like an interesting person. ur blog is interesting. mine sux. don't look at it.
Lulu | 12.29.05 - 3:16 pm | #
Lulu thoughtfully does not provide a link to her blog (which apparently sux) thereby saving Mark in Mexico the agony of a visit there. C'mon, now, Lulu, it can't be that bad. Send me a link! If it really, truly sux, which I doubt, I'll be happy to offer some advice to help you spiff it up a bit. Like, liberalism sux, the DNC sux, Howard Dean sux, Kos sux, all lefties suk (with the exception of this one), Congressmen who accept thinly veiled bribes and call them legal because "that's the way business gets done in Washington" suk, the Taleban sux, al Qaeda sux, France sux, Robert Mugabe sux, al Jazeera sux, Putin sux, China sux, North Korea sux, the dear leader of North Korea really sux and the mullahs in Iran really, really suk.

Now, if the common thread of negativity running through the aforementioned is a bit of a turnoff in this otherwise bright and rosy Christmas season, there are some things that rock. Bush rocks, the military forces of the United States really rock (and rock really hard, I might add), Republicans rock (for the most part, the aforementioned Congressmen excepted) conservatism rocks, Israel rocks, Jooz rock (except those who cast their knee-jerk Democratic Party line vote year after year - they are stupid - and that sux), tax cuts rock, the Kurds rock, Tony Dungy, his family and the Indianapolis Colts rock, the Mark in Mexico blogroll rocks and, finally, all of Mark in Mexico's readers and commenters rock, especially Lulu.

There now, Lulu, you can attack or defend, praise or castigate, baste or boost, celebrate or chastise, dignify or drub, extol or excoriate, penalize or prize, push or pummel, plug or punish, scathe or stroke, scourge or salute, tongue-lash or tout, all to your heart's content - while linking me incessantly.


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