Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Terminator outrages Europeans

Especially in his native Austria.
. . . many Europeans consider state-sponsored executions to be barbaric.
Mauthausen Concentration Camp with 49 sub-camps and 10 temporary camps, manned by 5000 Austrian SS, murdered 150,000 Jews and Russian POW's.Survivors of the Russian Camp. There were no Jewish survivors left to photograph.

Leaders of Austria's pacifist Green Party went as far as to call for Schwarzenegger to be stripped of his Austrian citizenship.
Has Adolph Hitler, born April 20, 1889 in Braunau-Am-Inn, Austria, been stripped of his Austrian citizenship?

Austria refuses to hand over SS murder suspect

A brutal crackdown immediately began on Austria's Jews. They also lost everything and were even forced to perform public acts of humiliation such as scrubbing sidewalks clean amid jeering pro-Nazi crowds.
In Italy, the country's chapter of Amnesty International called the execution of the Crips founder "a cold-blooded murder.
Organised crime controls one business in five in Italy, according to statistics released by the country's leading trade association.

A conference organised by the association in Milan said that the Mafia controlled about 20% of all businesses.

It also had an annual turnover of about $133bn, the equivalent of 15% of GNP.

Former Italian PM Giulio Andreotti has been convicted of ordering a Mafia hit on an investigative journalist in 1979.
In Germany, Volker Beck, a leading member of the opposition Greens party, said, "Schwarzenegger's decision is a cowardly decision."
Many scientists, artists, educators, and scholars followed the Nazi doctrines without much protest, and some Germans welcomed what they considered the rebirth of German strength.

It began with a simple boycott of Jewish shops and ended in the gas chambers at Auschwitz as Adolf Hitler and his Nazi followers attempted to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe.

Everyone was taken to undressing barracks and told to remove all of their clothing. Women and girls next had their hair cut off. First the men, and then the women and children, were hustled in the nude along a narrow fenced-in pathway nicknamed by the SS as the Himmelstrasse (road to Heaven). At the end of the path was a bathhouse with tiled shower rooms. As soon as the people were all crammed inside, the main door was slammed shut, creating an air-tight seal. Deadly carbon monoxide fumes were then fed in from a stationary diesel engine located outside the chamber.

It will be a thousand years before anyone in Europe, especially Germans, Austrians and Italians, will have earned the right to call anything in the United States "barbaric".

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