Saturday, December 10, 2005

This is a bible - this is a gun

Dorothy Stang, an American nun who had worked with the poor for 30 years in the Brazilian Amazon rainforests, was shot to death by ranch employee Rayfran das Neves Sales. Prosecutors charge that a rich rancher who was illegally taking over land had paid Sales and another man $25,000 to kill the nun. Sales and the other man had already confessed - on video tape - to killing the nun in a hired hit. They also re-enacted the murder - on video tape. Defense lawyers are trying to get a judge to buy a self defense plea which they hope will reduce the penalty that their clients might receive.

Sales now says that he mistook the 73 year-old nun's Bible for a gun and shot her in self defense - 6 times.

I thought that I would take a look at the similarities between a Bible and a gun that the nun might be carrying. So as to understand the viewpoint of Sr. Sales.

This is a Bible like Sister Stang might have carried into the rainforests.

This is a pistol like Sister Stang might have been carrying.

The similarities are somewhat less than striking.

This was Sister Dorothy Stang.

That's Sales on the left with the other gunman and the middleman accused of bringing them the rancher's offer and then paying them afterwards.

This is how they left her.

If there is any justice at all in Brazil, Sales and his co-conspirators will all hang.

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